Join a New Chapter Member (For Chapter Officers Only)

The password must be at least 7 characters long ( combination of letters and numbers).

Please Note:

At the "Organization" field, enter as follows:

Local Chapters, enter Chapter 3- digit numbers

Canada Chapters, enter CJ, follow by chapter 3-digit numbers

Greece Chapters, enter HJ, follow by chapter 3-digit numbers

Cyprus Chapters, enter CY, follow by chapter 3-digit numbers

Europe Chapters, enter chapter 3-digit numbers

 If you are a current AHEPA Chapter Officer, you have the ability to join new members of your Chapter, who have been duly initiated, and pay their dues online in order to expedite the payment process.   You will still be required to submit, via US Mail or email, the completed application form that shows the Chapter's endorsement of the new member in order for Membership Certificate be mailed out.

 Any questions regarding this process can be directed to [email protected]